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Valeri Baldwin - ISSA Chicago, President

Valeri Baldwin President

Gregg Friedman – Vice President

Robert Wagner – Membership Director

Nadeem Iftikar – Program Director

John Jones – Social Media Officer

Mark Swiecicki – Treasurer

Steve Riess – Student Initiative Director

Justin Nemeth – Secretary

Steve Moscarelli – Marketing Director

ISSA Chicago - Valeri Baldwin, President


The ISSA Chicago Chapter relies on volunteers to run the chapter and contribute to the success of chapter initiatives and events. Volunteer activities may include locating and coordinating a membership meeting site, coordinating sponsorships and related sponsor activity, representing the chapter at a career fair or conference, welcoming new members, etc.

Program Committee Volunteers are also needed to assist and help coordinate ISSA-Chicago’s participation in local conferences, exhibitions, and events. Please see separate Program Committee volunteer form.

Note – A single volunteer can assume multiple duties.

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In continuation of its goal to grow and serve its members, ISSA Chicago developed the Student Initiative (SI) to further grow membership by grooming new graduates into cybersecurity professionals.

The SI works with local colleges, universities and technical schools to find qualified students and aligns them with area businesses in establishing internships and job shadowing programs to benefit both students and business. The program aims to help both employers and students by pre-qualifying students as interns or junior analysts.

Note: In order to participate in this program, students must have completed two or more semesters of coursework in an information security discipline.

Students are invited to attend networking events and local conferences where they can interact with security professionals and develop mentorship opportunities for personal and career growth.