Pre-qualified Intern/Job Shadow Pool Opportunity

A significant advantage to providing internships is the opportunity to select and develop future talent. Employers have the opportunity to evaluate and screen potential employees prior to making a full‐time position offer. Students are required to formally apply for a specific internship and will be vetted by ISSA Chicago Student Initiative (SI) directors. Only pre-qualified applicants will be submitted to employers for consideration.

Become involved in the ISSA Chicago chapter SI and help develop the next generation of Information Security professionals.

Employer Guidelines

  • Job Description: Provide a description of the work and areas of information security the intern would participate in. Please provide context for translating discipline-based theories from the classroom into real-world Information Security practice. This information should include:
    • Specific information regarding the work to be performed. If intern will provide services in multiple areas, please include descriptions of each.
    • General skills you prefer the intern to have.
  • Coworker skills: Describe skills and experience of persons with whom the intern would work.
  • Work Hours: State the of the number of hours per week, number of days per week and number of weeks the intern is needed. Example might be 10 hours per week (two or three days per week) for 26 weeks.
  • Compensation: Details of compensation, if any.
  • Paperwork: Any forms the intern will be required to sign prior to starting the program. (This does not include standard employment forms such as W4, I9, etc.).
  • Supervisor: Identify a supervisor for your intern(s) who can provide further experience and learning and mentorship. Supervisor responsibilities include:
    • Participating in intern application, screening, and interview process;
    • Conducting intern orientation’
    • Developing learning goals; and
    • Regular intern evaluations regarding participation and success in the program.

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